Effectiveness of gamification techniques in the educational process

GameWork results

Project Result 1: Needs analysis, course selection, gamification features

The goal of the PR1 is to analyse in detail the students’ needs, provide a detailed list of courses that will be gamified during the GameWork project, and describe in detail the gaming features that will be implemented during the project. Two reports will be developed:


  • “How students would like to have fun with their homework”, which will combine the literature findings with the students’ views collected from the GameWork schools. This report will also identify the courses selected to be included in the implementation phase (PR3), based on the feedback from the schools.
  • “Analysis of the gamification features”, which will document a set of features that would be implemented into the gamified environment, following the feedback from students (Arsakeio, KJGAG, Freixo).

Project Result 2: Development of the environment Alpha, Beta, and Final version

This environment will offer features and functionalities that will be defined in detail in PR1. Such features could be (based on preparation analysis): allowing students to self-evaluate their homework progress, introducing a healthy competition among students (using awards and leader boards), offering rewards to students, allowing teachers to monitor the activities (both progress and accuracy), as well as to modify future homework based on students’ progress.

The main outputs of this PR are: (1) the environment (Alpha, Beta, and Final Version); (2) a technical report for the future content creators that will use the environment after the end of the funding period; (3) three demonstrative videos of the environment for the three roles (student, teacher, creator) that will explain the system features.

Project Result 3: Implementation, Students’ feedback, and Reporting

Following the iterative development of the gamified homework environment, which is the focus of the PR2, in this PR, the GameWork partners will invite students, teachers, and course creators (primarily teachers) into the environment. This PR is the one most related to the impact of the gamified homework environment. The innovative character of this environment will be demonstrated to educators, students, and all types of stakeholders (education providers, local administration), thus having a multiplying effect. The main output of this PR is a report on “Implementation and Students and Teachers’ feedback.” The report will include implementation strategies, success stories, dos and don'ts, best practices, and the results from the environment evaluation. Moreover, this report will focus on cultural differences and will compare results across countries. Due to its nature, this report is expected to be innovative, highly influential, and will probably lead to scientific publications.

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