GameWork Environment

Effectiveness of gamification techniques in the educational process.

GameWork Environment

The GameWork environment features functionalities that were defined in detail in PR1. Such features include: allowing students to self-evaluate their homework progress, further motivating students that delay, introducing healthy competition among students (using awards and leader boards), offering rewards to students, allowing the teachers to monitor the activities (both progress and correctness), and allowing teachers to modify future homework based on students’ progress. This innovative approach towards gamified homework uses gamification elements in real-time assigning and monitoring students’ homework.

The gamified environment focuses on three precise objectives:

1) Homework organisation

This functionality allows the student to see a complete overview of their homework at a glance and supports them to better estimate, organise, and, in the end, complete their homework.


2) Student engagement

The gamified features of the environment engage the students and motivate them to do their homework.


3) Progress monitoring (for students and teachers)

Some gamification elements serve as performance metrics that help students and teachers monitor students’ performance. Also, teachers have separate student performance analytics that help them gain insights regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each student individually and the progress they record.

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