Gamework Videos

Įžaidybinimo metodų efektyvumas edukaciniame procese

Promotional Video

On The Kick-off

Second Promotional Video

In this promotional video, we delve into the three core objectives of GameWork:

1. Homework Organization: GameWork provides a comprehensive overview of daily activities, complete with estimated completion times, suggested activity order, and references to educational material. This helps students better manage their time and tasks.

2. Student Engagement: By incorporating gamification features such as rewards, rankings, content unlocking, and notifications, GameWork makes homework completion more engaging and rewarding.

3. Progress Monitoring: GameWork ensures the integrity of task completion through a verification process. As students complete tasks, they can track their progress percentage and climb up the leaderboard.

Third Promotional Video

In this video, you'll hear firsthand from both teachers and students who have used our platform. They'll share their experiences, the benefits they'he seen, and how GameWork has transformed their approach to education.

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